Pre-Medical Programs

Choosing a pre-medical program can be challenging. Within North America, many students face the difficult decision of deciding on the best college or undergraduate program that will put them in good standing for successful acceptance to medical school.

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What are the best Pre-Medical programs in North America?

Choosing Pre-Medical University and College Programs

Traditional pre-medical programs are 4-years in length providing successful students with an Honors Bachelor of Science or Honors Health Science degree. Within North America, certain medical schools have shift to a pre-requisite only model where specific degrees are not required for medical school acceptance. For example, a Bachelors of Arts may be sufficiency as long as the core science pre-requisites are completed prior to matriculation.

Many medical schools in Canada and the United States require an Honors degree when selecting pre-medical students. This classically involves a significant research or seminar components as part of the college or undergraduate degree. For many students this provides the much-needed pre-medical research background that is required for medical school.

Pre-Medical Programs


While there are no “best” pre-medical programs in North America, there are highly regarded college and undergraduate programs that have a strong track records of medical school acceptance. Our medical team at MedApplications™ works closely with pre-medical groups on campuses across North America to support students pursuing these prestigious pre-medical programs.

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Pre-Medical Programs

McMaster Health Sciences Program
Guelph Biomedical Science Program
Pre-Medical College Programs
Ivey League Pre-Medical Programs
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Ivey League Pre-Medical Programs

With the United States, students have traditionally sought to pursue pre-medical studies at leading Ivey League programs in the country. When selecting an Ivey league pre-medical program, it is essential to review the graduating high school average requirement, opportunities for academic succession, medical school committee letter and medical research/volunteer placements. At MedApplications™ we have collaborated with students from Harvard University, Cornell University, Brown University, Yale University, Princeton University, Stanford University, Dartmouth, in addition to other top tier pre-medical programs in the country.

Within Canada, the McMaster Health Science program is regarded as one of the top pre-medical programs in the country. Home to the Michael de Groot School of Medicine, the McMaster Health Science program embraces a Problem Based learning approach to undergraduate education. Students are immersed in novel educational paradigms, and graduate with high academic standing. The McMaster Health Science program is one of the most difficult Canadian university programs to get accepted to in Canada. At MedApplications™ our McMaster Medical Doctors work closely with high school students to create a competitive candidate profile and pre-medical application to gain entry into this coveted program. The McMaster Health Science program has consistently shown to yield extremely high medical school acceptance results year after year.

Within Ontario, Canada, the Guelph Biomedical Science program sits adjacent to the country’s world-renowned Guelph Veterinary medicine program. The Guelph Bio-Medical science program (BIOM) has gained tremendous recognition for its rigorous academic curriculum, innovative specialists courses and early exposure to medically relevant courses. This program has been shown to prepare programs for training in diverse health-related fields including medicine, veterinary medicine, osteopathic medicine, dentistry, optometry, nurse practitioner, and physician assistant, amongst other top health care related fields. The Ontario Veterinary College at the University of Guelph is well situated to provide students with tremendous access to on-campus science resources, community opportunities and research placements.

How to choose a Pre-Medical Program

There are many components that our medical team at MedApplications™ recommends when considering a pre-medical program. For most students, the location, content of the program, areas of specialization and sense of community are critical when deciding on where to pursue their pre-medical studies. Often, speaking to former graduates of the pre-medical program is helpful in getting a true feel for the academic and social atmosphere. Here is a brief overview of some important factors to consider when selecting a pre-medical program:

1. Consider the location of the Pre-Medical program
2. Consider the available courses and course modules
3. Medical Placement and Medical Research Opportunities
4. Success of graduates gaining acceptance to medical school
5. Core Content required for the Medical College Admissions Test
6. Available opportunities to get involved in the student community
7. Emphasis on local and global community initiatives

Pre-Medical Programs


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