Applying to medical school as a non-traditional or mature applicant has become more mainstream as Canadian medical schools and American medical schools have adopted Non-Traditional medical student pathways.

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Non-Traditional Medical Applicants

Applying to medical school as a non-traditional or mature applicant has become more mainstream as Canadian medical schools and American medical schools have adopted Non-Traditional medical student pathways to welcome students with rich life and career experience in healthcare and non-healthcare related sectors. For many years, MedApplications™ has successfully assisted mature pre-medical applicants in diverse careers ranging from, teaching, engineering, kinesiology, nursing, finance, business and many other leading careers.

Many non-traditional medical school applicants as themselves, “can I apply to medical school this far from university?”, “is it possible to even pursue medicine at my age?”, “what requirements are there to apply to medical school?”, “is it too late?”. At MedApplications™ our medical doctors specialize in assisting non-traditional medical school applicants with career changes towards medicine. We work closely with you to analyze your current career profile and outline the steps necessary to pursue a career in medicine.

Our medical doctors will comprehensively review your education credentials, employment experience, research endeavours, extra-curricular activities and community contributions. Once we establish an understanding of your current pre-medical candidate profile, we then adopt an evidence-based strategy to carefully craft an action plan towards medical school acceptance. Factoring in all essential variables, we outline a comprehensive plan on how to make you succeed in pursuing your passion for medicine.

“According to a perspective publication in the New England Journal of Medicine ( the mean age of first-year medical students roughly 24 years old, with approximately 10% who are 27 years or older. However, nowadays, medical schools in Canada and the United States routines admit pre-medical students in their 30s or 40s with well-established families and careers who are now interested in pursuing their passion for medicine. In general, Non-Traditional Medical students or “mature students” bring maturity, diversity, broader perspectives and valued “life experience”.”

Non-Traditional Medical School Applicants
Our specialize program includes:

Competitive Review for Medical School
Medical and Scientific CV Drafting
Medical School Selection and Pre-Requisites
Adaptation of Career Accomplishments to Medicine
Comprehensive Medical School Action Plan
Personalized Pre-Medical Coaching Sessions
Support by MedApplications™ Medical Team

What We Offer
Our Non-Traditional Applicants Options Include:

Medical Applicant Competitiveness Review
Medical CV Development
Medical Research and Clinical Placements
Medical Coaching and Guidance
Medical School Criteria Review (GPA, MCAT, Pre-Requisites)
Medical School Applications and Interviews


MedApplications™ Non-Traditional Programs

All Of Our Residency Matching Packages

  • Career Planning Phase 1
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD
    Comprehensive Candidate Profile Review
    Transition to Medicine Recommendations
    Detailed Review of MD Requirements
    Introduction to Academic CV for Medicine
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  • Academic CV Phase 2
    1 Hour CV Consultation with MD
    Sample Resume and CV Templates
    Detailed Review of Credentials & Experience
    Develop Academic CV Draft
    Create Competitive Candidate Profile
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  • Research & Volunteer Phase 3
    Sample Research and Volunteer Placements
    1 Hour Research Strategy Session with MD
    1 Hour Volunteer and Extra-Curricular Strategy Session with MD
    Assistance in securing research & volunteer positions.
    Assistance with Applications and Scholarships
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  • Coaching Sessions Phase 4
    Medical School Admissions Timeline
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD to Review Progress
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD to review & assess
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD For Research Placements.
    1 Hour Strategy Session devoted to pre-application planning.
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We work with you every step of the way as your personal medical coach. With first-hand experience as practicing medical doctors we know what it takes to achieve success in the medical school admissions process. During application crunch time, we work round the clock to ensure your application is completed to the highest of competitive standards. Find Out More About MedApplications

MedApplications Guarantee

Our Medical Coaches pride ourselves on offering a premium service by leading physicians in medical school preparation. However, if you do not find your consultation useful, or feel that the consultant is not a great fit, you must let your consultant know at the conclusion of your first consultation or review, prior to finishing and we will contact you to arrange another complimentary session or review with a new consultant. See Terms and Conditions

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