The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) is a national residency application process for American medical students and medical graduates worldwide interested in pursuing medical training in the United States.

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Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS)

We Provide Professional Help In ERAS

The Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) is a national residency application process for American medical students and medical graduates worldwide interested in pursuing medical training in the United States. Pursuing residency in the United States affords unlimited opportunities to practice medicine worldwide in various medical subspecialties. At MedApplications, our medical consulting team is comprised of American medical physicians with specialties ranging from: Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, General Surgery, Radiology, Pediatrics, Internal Medicine and Otolaryngology.

Our medical doctors have first-hand experience applying to ERAS, evaluating ERAS applications, facilitating ERAS interviews at the national and local level, in addition to screening International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and local American applications for competitiveness. In general, ERAS is considered one of the most competitive residency application streams, processing thousands of medical residency applications for a limited number of coveted American residency positions.

ERAS Preparation

We Can Help Prepare You

At MedApplications, our ERAS medical consulting team is composed of specialized doctors who have achieved success in the ERAS American residency matching process. Our doctors represent the most coveted medical subspecialties in North America. Our physicians proudly represent: Surgical Specialties, Radiology, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Vascular Surgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Urology, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry and General Surgery. Nearly all of our medical consultants have completed post-graduate fellowships, including, Critical Care, Trauma and Surgical/Internal Medicine Fellowships. Our specialized approach to your ERAS application allows our physicians to give you insight into what ERAS program directors and ERAS committees are looking for.

The ERAS application is the single most important aspect of your ERAS candidate profile. For many applicants, the ERAS application is the deciding factor of whether they will be successful in securing an American medical residency. The ERAS interview is a candidate’s only chance at showcasing their strengths and passion for their subspecialty of choice in front of the ERAS review panel. Unlike medical school interviews, the ERAS interview emphasizes life experience, career goals and suitability for the specific medical specialty.
How Does ERAS Work?
The ERAS Options:

Applicants receive a token from their Designated Dean’s Office and use it to register with MyERAS.
Applicants complete their MyERAS application, select programs, assign supporting documents, and apply to programs.
Applicant’s Designated Dean’s Office and LoR authors upload supporting documents.
Examining boards receive and process requests for transcripts.
Programs receive application materials through the PDWS.

What MyERAS Portal Provides:

The MyERAS portal allows candidates to complete their medical residency application, select medical residency programs, assign documents and submit their application to the desired ERAS medical residency programs.


MedApplications™ Residency Matching Programs

All Of Our Residency Matching Packages

  • ERAS® Interview Preparation
    ERAS® Residency Matching
    MD with Expertise of Residency Specialty
    1 Hour Interview Strategy Session with MD
    1.5 Hour Mock Interview with MD
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  • ERAS® Strategy Session
    ERAS® Residency Matching
    MD with Expertise of Residency Specialty
    1 Hour with MD to review Residency Program
    1 Hour Strategy Session with MD
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  • ERAS® Personal Statement & CV
    ERAS® Residency Matching
    MD with Expertise of Residency Specialty
    Complete Review of CV & Letters
    Personal Statement Review for Medical Specialty
    Curriculum Vitae Review for Medical Specialty
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  • ERAS® Premier Residency Matching
    ERAS® Residency Matching
    MD of Residency Specialty
    Detailed Review of Candidate Profile
    ERAS® Personal Statement Review/Edit
    Detailed ERAS® CV Review/Edit
    1 Hour MD Interview Strategy Session
    1.5 Hour Mock Interview with MD
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ERAS Application

USMLE Transcript:

The USMLE is an essential component of the ERAS medical residency application. All USLME attempts and scores are included on this transcript for medical residency review boards to evaluate. USMLE results are not uploaded directly. Applicants must manually release this document in order to be processed by ERAS.

Letters of Recommendation (LoRP):

Letters of reference for the ERAS residency application process is one of the most critical components. These letters provide authentic and validation of claims made by the medical residency applicant in the application. Choose the correct referees is integral in creating a competitive application. Most referees upload their letter directly to ERAS using the LoR portal (LoRP).

Medical School Transcript:

For most medical training programs, medical students are awarded a Pass or Fail grade. In select medical schools, Honours designations are provided for students achieving an average of over 80%. Traditionally, transcripts are used to distinguish candidates who have excelled academically, won academic awards and performance in the top 5% of their cohort. For International Medical Graduates, the medical school transcript can be uploaded directly via EMSWP or acquired and uploaded through ECFMG’s oasis platform. The Dean’s Office Workstation (DWS) is used to upload transcripts and MSPEs.

Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE):

The MSPE is an essential component of the ERAS American residency application. It is a summary of your academic and non-academic performance during medical school. Typically, evaluations are prepared by the Dean of medicine following your contribution of a CV, personal letter and letters of recommendation. For International Medical Graduates, the MSPE can be uploaded directly to the ECFMG Medical School Web Portal (EMSWP).

MedApplications ERAS Help

Our diverse physicians’ experience at MedApplications in ERAS residency matching adds tremendous value to medical students interested in pursuing residency within the United States. Our medical consultants represent the top medical specialties within the United States and can guide you from start to finish to achieve your goals.

Whether you need help planning your approach to ERAS, medical electives or letters of recommendation, or whether you need assistance polishing your ERAS application or perfecting your ERAS interview technique, we can help build your confidence. A successful residency position in the United States is one of the most coveted medical career paths worldwide. Our dedicated ERAS medical team will help you succeed in achieving your top choice.
Electronic Residency Application Service


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